MOONSURF was imagined in the summer of 2019, specifically mid-shift of our founders seasonal job. With our initial logo sketched onto a used customer receipt MOONSURF was born.

Our company values reflect our founders experience with the fashion industry. We strive to focus on embracing our clients individuality through handmade pieces and small batch production. With these methods we offer totally unique and accessible products for all.


    Our products are individually hand dyed and printed, causing no two pieces to be exactly the same. These small changes help us to match our clients individuality - something we strive not only to meet but enhance.


    To achieve one of a kind pieces we are committed to dying and printing our products in house. This allows us to pay close attention to detail, and create minute changes for totally unique clothing.


    Small batch product in part of our commitment to slow fashion. This method allows us to ensure that nothing created goes to waste, as products are not created based on current trends but on what we know our clients will enjoy.


For any questions regarding your order, returns, exchanges please email moonsurfgear@gmail.com.

For special requests or inquires, please leave a detailed message below!

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